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Monday, June 22, 2009

Federer finery finds favour

Photo Titled Roger opens up on Centre
Roger opens up on Centre

Roger Federer talks a good game – which is only to be expected. After over half a decade at the very summit of the sport, he has been able to hone his interview technique to perfection – even if his latest tennis outfit becomes the main talking point.

His interview style has become a self-referential topic of conversation in press conferences. “I guess it already starts that I speak a few different languages,” said Federer after his straight sets win over Yen Hsun-Lu in the first round. “ Then you have the papers, the radios, the magazines – it ends up being a lot but, honestly, especially after I've won a tournament or if I think it's a big match, there is something that needs information, I don't mind giving half-an-hour, one hour more.

“I've always enjoyed it. It's not the most fun part of the job, but I also have a good time. The spectators who were in the stadium and the people that couldn't be there get something good to read or hear about. If you lose, you leave though,” he quipped, referring to that final last year.

“I like to tell a good story,” Federer smiled as he enjoyed a verbal joust with the media over his refusal to reveal the due date for his wife’s baby. “Ah, it's a pity we're moving on [to another] language right now,” he grinned, before giving the Swiss media the “good story” that they were looking for.

There was little to say about a routine win over his unheralded opponent from Taipei, so talk swiftly moved to the day’s real talking point – the five-time champion’s new outfit.

“Everyone was talking about it in the locker-room!” he exclaimed with genuine excitement. “People were saying ‘Wow, looks great!’ This is the fourth year that I’ve done it and I was just hoping that it would look good. You spend all your time talking about forehands and backhands, so it’s good to change. When I play at Indian Wells, I meet with someone from Nike and then it’s a long process after that, but it’s great fun.”

“It is a blazer year? Will it be a cardigan? They always have lots of good ideas and even though it didn’t look right to begin with, they got there in the end,” said Federer of his collared shirt, waistcoat, jacket and long trousers, all with gold piping.

“It’s more modern than last year’s blazer. I like to respect the tradition here. I could wear a dark jacket to come out on court since I’d be taking it off later, but I like to respect the tradition.”

And to think most players only have time to worry about their games.

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