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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I’m a celebrity get me to Wimbledon

Gwen Stefani

Tennis players aside, who is the most famous person you have seen at Wimbledon? Apparently Angelina Jolie was a guest here a few years ago but I wasn’t working then so she must have been here for the tennis. Everyone will remember Gwen Stefani at last year’s men’s final, but do you remember how bored she looked?

The best celebrity I ever saw at Wimbledon was Jack Nicholson at the 2001 men’s final. Before the match started the crowd was getting a bit boisterous and chanting “Jack, Jack, give us a wave” but Jack did nothing. So the crowd kept chanting, “Jack, Jack, give us a wave” – he was loving the attention – then he leant back in his chair, smirked that Nicholson smirk and arched one eyebrow which you could just see from behind his sunglasses. The crowd went nuts. Now that’s celebrity.

Do you have a celebrity at Wimbledon story to top that?

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