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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quotes of the day - Tuesday 23 June 2009

Photo Titled Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans

"Oh, don't get there, because otherwise you're gonna see a lot of balls flying around and racquets, and a lot of swearing. I don't think you want that extreme."
Marat Safin explains how the world would work if the players were allowed to express their emotions without fear of censure.

"I don't know. Probably not a lot. I'll just keep it, rainy day. I might not be a tennis player soon, might be stacking shelves. I haven't had to think about it but Tesco's are offering, though."
Great Britain’s Daniel Evans proves that his head is definitely not stuck in the clouds with a good old dash of realism when asked what he would be doing with his prize money after losing to Nikolay Davydenko in the first round.

"We're just a talented nation. I don't know how to explain it."
Jelena Jankovic offers the frankest of explanations as to why both her and her Serbian compatriots are riding on the crest of a purple patch of late.

"Yeah, it's amazing that she's still coming back and still playing at this level. I think that's great, and she's in such good shape. So yeah, I'm really impressed."
Caroline Wozniacki on her defeated opponent, 38-year-old Kimiko Date Krumm. Who says youngsters have no respect for their elders these days?

"There's a lot more pressures to deal with other than the outfit. Got to make sure everything is in, not escaping. It's all good."
With a number of players grabbing the headlines at this year's Championships for their fashion displays Venus Williams is demanding a very minimal requirement from her kit sponsors.

"She have big weapon."
Kimiko Date Krumm reveals the rather alarming reason why she suffered a first round defeat to Caroline Wozniacki. Maria Kirilenko (The Dane’s next opponent) you have been warned.

"I don't care who you guys are writing about. You know, predicting two weeks from now, that's not how we go about our tournaments. I know it's great and your job is to sensationalize stuff and get it out there. You know, you got to make people read about the sport."
Andy Roddick appears to have the world’s press well and truly worked out. He knows too much.

"I think maybe one winnable match. I think I played one year Kevin Kim. That was definitely a winnable match for me. The other matches were pretty tough."
Alex Bogdanovic responds to a question about whether his eight defeats were winnable.

"I've got a weird head. Things like that don't bother me."
A very honest Joshua Goodall speaking after his first round defeat to Michael Llodra. For the sake of British tennis let’s hope he was talking about his racket.

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