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Friday, July 3, 2009

Federer has no weaknesses - Haas

Photo Titled Haas on the volley
Tommy Haas plays a backhand volley in his semi-final match against Roger Federer.

Tommy Haas has bad news for whoever tries to get between Roger Federer and a sixth Wimbledon title this Sunday. He took a good close-up look - for two hours and two minutes on Centre Court - and he just could not spot any weaknesses in the Swiss superstar's game.

Haas, speaking after Federer had handed him a straight sets beating in his first Wimbledon semi-final at the age of 31, said: “I think he moves such smooth ways and has such good defensive play. The slice bites a lot. When you think sometimes you might get a relatively easy volley, he kind of either dinks it in front of you, or he made two spectacular lobs over my head at important points."

Haas was by no means disappointed with his performance today and was particularly happy with his serving. He admitted he was perhaps going for the ball a little too much and not being aggressive enough in following up points but was "overall pretty happy".

The stumbling block was Federer – the five-time champion. “There aren’t really any weaknesses,” the German reiterated of the Swiss’s game. “I think sometimes maybe if he feels a little bit pressure or gets a little bit tight. Maybe sometimes he can make some unforced errors, especially against those types of players that move really well themselves and keep the ball in play mostly than being very aggressive, such like Andy Murray or Nadal. But I’m not that type of player.”

So which of the Andys contesting their semi-final as Haas talked would give Federer a run for his money? “Andy Roddick is playing some of his best tennis that I’ve seen,” the German said. “Playing extremely well, serving well. But I wouldn’t give him really a chance to beat Roger in the final. Maybe take a set. That’s my opinion.

“Andy Murray - if he can play extremely well - I think would give him more trouble because of the style he plays and also knowing that he has beaten him a lot of times in the past.”

However, having just tried and failed to get the better of Federer, Haas was not exactly forthcoming when he was invited to offer some words of wisdom for whoever attempts that mission next.

“What would my advice be? I won’t be giving them any advice because I’ll be heading home tonight. They know their game."

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