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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Praise for Roddick

Photo Titled Andy Roddick
Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick will walk onto Centre Court for his third final and for the third time the man standing across the net from him will be Roger Federer.

If Roddick was one for omens and portents he could look back last year and Rafael Nadal who, on his third appearance in a Wimbledon final against Federer beat the player many had declared unbeatable.

Roddick is a changed man. He has gone from believing he would never be in a Grand Slam final again to being one victory away from the lifting the trophy of his boyhood dreams.

"You know you're going to get aced out there. You know he's going to come up with big shots. You've got to weather the storm and take those small chances when you get the opportunity. That's what it comes down to playing these big matches at the end of these tournaments," said Lleyton Hewitt, the former champion who took him to five sets in the quarter-final.

"I mean, he makes volleys. He doesn't normally miss a lot. You just have to make the passes, and I didn't make as many as I needed to. But I wasn't surprised by anything that he did. I expected him to play very well. I think if he serves like that he's got a chance against anyone, 'cause it comes down to, like I say, a few points in each set. So regardless of whether it's Roger or, you know, me or anybody else, if he serves high 70s with the pace he's got on his serve, he's got a good chance," said Andy Murray, who was beaten despite his overwhelming favouritism and home court advantage.

"In the beginning of his career, I remember back in 2003, he was sometimes standing way back, you know, on the return. But then I played him one year, not on grass, but let's say in 2004, he chipped and charged a lot, you know, came to the net a lot. I've also played him when he's serve and volleyed first and second serve almost. I've had many different looks against Roddick. I enjoy how he leaves everything out on the court. I can only marvel at how incredible his serve is. I like playing against him, not only just because of the record," said Roddick's final opponent Roger Federer.

"Roddick now has more options than he did before. That is going to help him. Five or six years ago we were saying that Andy Roddick would win Wimbledon. Someone who serves that big, you would think he should ," said three-time winner John McEnroe.

"Andy Roddick played the best match I have seen him play in a long time. He took Murray to his limits and he couldn't come through," said Boris Becker.

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