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Monday, July 6, 2009

Quotes of the tournament

Photo Titled Murray feeling the heat
Murray feeling the heat

"Everyone is from Russia. Sometimes I think I'm from Russia, too. I feel like, you know, okay, all these new ‑ovas. I think my name must be Williamsova."
— With the ladies' dominated by Eastern European stars, Compton-born Serena Williams suggests an appropriate pseudonym for this year's Championships.

"Nobody can tell me to stop grunting. If they have to fine me, go ahead, 'cause I'd rather get fined than lose a match because I had to stop grunting. That's all. If people don't like my grunting, they can always leave."
— Michelle Larcher De Brito was clearly saving her voice for the post match press conference after the Portuguese grunter was uncharacteristically quiet throughout her first-round straight sets victory against Klara Zakopalova.

"Oh, don't get there, because otherwise you're gonna see a lot of balls flying around and racquets, and a lot of swearing. I don't think you want that extreme."
Marat Safin explains how the world would work if the players were allowed to express their emotions without fear of censure.

"I don't know. Probably not a lot. I'll just keep it, rainy day. I might not be a tennis player soon, might be stacking shelves. I haven't had to think about it but Tesco's are offering, though."
Great Britain’s Daniel Evans proves that his head is definitely not stuck in the clouds with a good old dash of realism when asked what he would be doing with his prize money after losing to Nikolay Davydenko in the first round.

"We're just a talented nation. I don't know how to explain it."
Jelena Jankovic offers the frankest of explanations as to why both her and her Serbian compatriots are riding on the crest of a purple patch of late.

"I think maybe one winnable match. I think I played one year Kevin Kim. That was definitely a winnable match for me. The other matches were pretty tough."
Alex Bogdanovic responds to a question about whether his eight defeats were winnable.

“Yeah, it's always nice. I always said, I'm not only a tennis player, I'm a woman.”
Gisela Dulko proving that she is not afraid to state the obvious when responding to the suggestion that she could be the next cover girl of Ladies’ tennis.

“It's a mixture between some of my favourite shows, like Desperate Housewives, and Sex and the City, and actually Family Guy. It's kind of those put together in one, if you can imagine.”
Serena Williams reveals what we can expect from the TV script that she is in the process of writing. If the show turns out to be a reflection of her playing style then get set for some of the most powerful television the world has ever seen.

“Well, when I walk behind short people I feel like I'm going to fall over because I start taking these little steps, and I can't take little steps. I take big steps. I've always been large, always been tall. I don't know anything about small.”
Venus Williams on the perils of being tall.

“Darren (Cahill) is very experienced coach. In the past, he worked mostly with the guys. I think guys have different mentality to girls. Girls take everything so emotionally.”
Serbia’s Ana Ivanovic gets to the bottom of the age old mystery of just what it is that puts men on Mars and women on Venus.

“What do you want me to say? I said I wasn't proud, but I'm not going to lie to anybody. I busted my wife on some of her crappy music. She brought up Rick Astley. I can't deny it. It's in my iPod. I bet it's in your iPod, too."
Andy Roddick defends his choice of music.

“When we play for small forfeits I lose the games more, because they don't concentrate as much. It doesn't bother me like when we play for push‑ups and you have to kiss the other guy's toes. Like I'll lose them. But if it's stuff like a cricket bat or you have to get lunch for everyone and stuff, I concentrate a bit harder. “
Andy Murray on his unique and entertaining training regime that has seen the British No.1 forced to wear a cricket helmet this week. If we needed a second reason to hope that Murray hangs around in SW19 until the end of next week it is to find out what he and his coaches have up their sleeve next.

“It looks so easy when he steps on the court. It looks so easy, doesn't it? And I think he's such a great champion. I mean, I was so thrilled for him when he won French Open. I actually had little tears in my eyes when he was doing the speech.”
Ana Ivanovic, just another victim of the Roger Federer effect. Tissues at the ready if the Swiss man triumphs at Wimbledon again to break Pete Sampras’ Grand Slam record.

“If you're not hundred percent fit, then he's gonna make you run like a horse.”
In that case Radek Stepanek will surely be doing all he can and more to make a full recovery for his fourth round match against Lleyton ‘The jockey’ Hewitt after having to apply heavy strapping to his ankle during his victory over David Ferrer.

“Yeah, I'm a control freak. Yeah, I love controlling. You know, I'm used to that. You can't get this good without some kind of a little idiosyncrasy.”
Venus Williams successfully turns what could be deemed a negative personality trait into another weapon in her already lethal tennis armoury.

“I think I will beat him in a marathon ‑ easy. I'm pretty good at marathon. I'm a strong guy. I think I'm stronger than him.”
After suffering a straight sets defeat to Roger Federer, Robin Soderling decides it is time to take on the Swiss star at a different sport in the hope that the playing fields may be a little more even.

“It was my victory dance. It just came because I was happy. It was planned because all of my matches here after I was doing that.”
After overpowering Fernando Verdasco with his prolific service game, Ivo Karlovic then stunned the No.1 Court crowd with his "victory dance". Yes, Ivo the explanation was needed.

“The life here is strange, often rain. This week there was a good sun, so was a good present.
Francesca Schiavone, just one of many thousands grateful for the Mediterranean conditions that have descended over SW19 in the last week and a half.

“I mean, I use some of my trophies for make-up brushes, so, you know, maybe I'll just take a step back and be like, Hmm. Take all the make-up brushes out and really appreciate every title and every trophy.”
Until that moment of reflection arrives, at least the contents of Serena Williams’ vast trophy cabinet are not going to waste.

"I think the crowd's gonna be electric. I think it's gonna be a great atmosphere, and one that I can certainly appreciate, even if it's not for me. I'm just gonna pretend when they say, C'mon, Andy, that they mean me (smiling). "
Andy Roddick looking forward to his semi-final match with Andy Murray on Friday.

“I hope I can come on the Champions Dinner, because I have a plane at 10:30. I hope I can change the tickets.”
Boys’ champion Andrey Kuznetsov’s victory and the accompanying All England Club celebrations must have come as a bit of a surprise.

"Liberate this man. Well done, Andy."
A sympathetic journalist fights for freedom in the press conference.

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