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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quotes of the day - 1 July 2009

Photo Titled Karlovic struggles
Ivo Karlovic plans his next move against Roger Federer in their quarter-final match.
"I think the crowd's gonna be electric. I think it's gonna be a great atmosphere, and one that I can certainly appreciate, even if it's not for me. I'm just gonna pretend when they say, C'mon, Andy, that they mean me (smiling). "
Andy Roddick looking forward to his semi-final match with Andy Murray on Friday.

“I didn't return well, and that's the bottom line. I think I was returning really bad. You know, return is one of my ‑ I mean, I think I can say one of my strength strokes in the game. But today was a real disaster.”
Honesty is always the best policy. As Novak Djokovic proved after his quarter final defeat to Tommy Haas.

“Next thing you know, I'm down in the tiebreak, 3‑6. Then I just yelled at myself at 3‑6 basically, Wake up. This ace good chance to go up two sets to love. Within a minute I won five points in a row. That was huge, I think, to kind of give me the two sets to love lead.”
Tommy Haas on the realization that consciousness is an important state during a tie break in the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam.

“I think it's good for tennis any time you get, you know, big stars or celebrities coming to watch. It makes it, I guess, cooler for kids and stuff, which is important in this country.”
Andy Murray discovers the secret to making a sport successful. Make it cool for the kids.

“Like I said before the match, I enjoy the match playing Ivo. It's not fair to call him boring. He's got a phenomenal serve. The way he backs it up with his volleys, it's quite something. I think it's exciting actually to go see him play.”
Breaking news: Ivo Karlovic is exciting to watch because Roger Federer says so.

“Oh, it is only because he is better than everybody else. That's it.”
News that you are likely to have known already brought to you by Ivo Karlovic.

“Feeling pretty confident at the moment. You guys don't talk about the last one. You just keep going back to '05. Everything on the TV is '05. There was one in between that. Everyone's forgotten.”
Lleyton Hewitt exposes the English for ‘forgetting’ the Ashes whitewash last time around.

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